Frequently Asked Questions

$50 is the minimum order.

1 . What kind of payment(s) are accepted for purchases?

Answer:  Cash or Money Order (minimum $50 order) with shipping cost included (you will need to email ahead to inquire) to:

Balloon Lovers Corner OR BLC

P.O. Box 2566

Florence, Oregon 97439

2. Statement: Due to the increased demand of the rare and "One of a Kind" balloons that Balloon Lovers Corner carries, USA shipments can range for delivery between 21 to 30 days, from time of valid payment. Special order requests can take longer. Foriegn orders take longer due to the distance and customs for delivery. Your patience is appreciated.

3. Do you ship overseas?

Answer: Yes we ship all over the world. All we need is a correct mailing address and full payment. Some countries cost more than others to ship to, so each order is handled one by one. When mailing in your payment it is essential that you correspond with us ahead of payment to obtain the shipping cost for your order. All overseas and out of country packages, including Canada, are shipped via Express Mail, only, for tracking purposes.

4. Where is BLC located?

Answer: BLC is located on a private and secluded 10 acre property that borders a pristene river frontage and two state forests/mountains near the Oregon Coast.

5. How does BLC ship packages if I wish to have it shipped privately?

Answer: We ship all USA packages via Priority Mail, unless otherwise requested, along with a BLC Distributing label as the return address. This ensures that ALL packages are mailed consistently and in a private and discreet manner. Unfortunately shipments overseas must bear the contents on the import slip with the postoffice.

 6. How does BLC ship packages?

Answer: BLC owner(s), Debbie and John, are committed to dependable quality Customer Service. All email is viewed and answered consistently. Orders are shipped consistently within 21 to 30 business days of the "paid" order. Payment is ALWAYS collected in advance, especially when shipments are delayed for reasons of "special orders", etc.

7. EXPRESS Shipping - Specifically Foreign Orders.

All foreign/overseas orders are shipped via Express, as it is the only means to track and trace shipment(s). Express for foreign orders is higher than priority US Mail shipping, and well worth the assurance the package will arrive quickly and safely and undamaged.

Domestic, USA EXPRESS from our county location is a two day arrival from the departure day. The minimum cost for EXPRESS is $80 and then varies depending on the weight of the package and its final destination.

8. Why are some brands more expensive than others?

Answer: Some are imported and some are manufactured within the USA. With most lines we deal strictly with the manufacturer, with the exception of those balloons which are Qualatex labeled.

9. I need a GIGANTIC Advertising Balloon. I want to catch the attention for my business or party. What do you suggest?

Answer: Often times customers order or pick the Weather Balloons because they are the biggest rated balloon. However, weather balloons are not suitable for a printed on or advertising need. We carry the Gummiwerk Euro RK750 (clear only) and the R650 (standard colors only) . . . these are the largest latex rounds available in the world, and are used by stage performers for the "Man inside the balloon" performances, also known as "Climb-In Balloons". We also carry the smaller rounds (which are considered large by many) the R450 and R350 which work the best for advertising. We also carry a BLC Special in 40, 54, 72 and 84 inch sizes; TFTX 36; Supertex 40, 54 and 72.. All of these balloons are a much thicker latex than weather balloons and are available in a variety of colors. These balloons will best stand the elements of weather and advertising needs.

10. What if I am not satisfied with my order, will you accept a return?

Answer: As long as the balloons have not been tampered with, or packages opened, we will honor a credit for future purchases after and only upon our inspection of the returned items.

Refunds/replacements are only guarenteed when your order is inspected immediately and communicated to us immediately.

PREAPPROVAL and/or AUTHORIZATION to return is required in all circumstances. All items desired for potential refund or exchange must be requested for return within 24 hours of the receipt of your package. The postal tracking slip confirms the date of delivery. Refunds are LIMITED to the cost of balloons and does not include shipping.

Returns will be refunded LESS $5 or 20% (which ever is greater) as a restocking fee plus shipping charges incurred for obtaining "special order" shipments.

Special order requests incur restocking fee - 30% and shipping charges assessed to obtain said special order(s) whether or not the items have been previously received or not. 

11. Sales Credit/Refund or Return Policy. Why do you state no guarantee for return or credit/refund?

Answer: Because in the early days of our business as far back as 1991, we learned through experience that we must review all defective claims. We require an honest and reasonable attempt on the part of ALL our clients to return the defective supplies for our review. Additionally we are required to return these products to the manufacturer for potential refund and the only way to do that is to receive the items in question. Refunds will be honored as CREDIT toward future order(s) and are only guaranteed when your order is inspected immediately and communicated to us immediately. All items desired for potential refund or exchange must be requested for return within 24 hours of the receipt of your package. The postal tracking slip confirms the date of delivery. Refunds are LIMITED to the cost of balloons and does not include shipping.

 12. CONFIRMATION EMAIL of your order.

This is an automated response by the shopping cart which confirm's your email address and provides you with a preliminary printable version of the order. If you have any specific questions, please email us directly, do not call, BLC will answer only email communication. Most orders are shipped within 21 to 30 days of the received/paid order, unless there are unusual circumstances or the order is INTERNATIONAL. Additionally, the amount assessed for the shopping cart will differ because of shipping fee's and the possibility that stock you ordered is unavailable. A corrected and confirmed INVOICE will accompany your order and will be your FINAL and VALID order amount. It will bear the amount that has been charged your credit card for the transaction.


The fee for shipping will be added to your order AFTER your order is received by BLC. This shopping cart mistakenly states the shipping is "free" with USPS, however shipping is an extra cost and will be added to your order after it has been received by BLC. SHIPPING IS NOT FREE.

BLC's Website Payment Option allows BLC flexibility to adjust client orders based on shipping charges appropriate to large orders and overseas/foriegn orders (including Canada), as well as any client changes to the products desired.

Overseas location(s), including Canada, are shipped via EXPRESS. Please refer to the FAQ's which detail BLC's policy for EXPRESS Shipping for all oversea's shipments

14. Note: Any attempt to sell/resell BLC products, particularly Gummiwerk and S&T products, through any internet sources will result in the discontinuation of future business with BLC.

15. *****We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason we deem appropriate*****

If you have a concern about a product or your order, please tell it to us via email and we will handle your concerns appropriately.

NOTE: When BLC exerts its right to refuse service, all credit card information is securely and safely shredded at time of receipt. BLC will not compromise its Credit Card services at any time.