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Deborah (Debbie) Grigsby

Operations Manager

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Hello . . . I would like to take a few minutes of time to introduce myself to you and tell you some of my professional background. I have an already long banking career, over 35 years, since 1977. I spent 15 years in compliance and auditing, 5 years as a Branch Manager (which I enjoyed and miss greatly, awesome employees and clients), August 2004 through April 2009 I spent my time as a Commercial Lending Credit Analyst and Guaranteed Lending Specialist (SBA and USDA Lending), another aspect of banking I enjoyed very much. I started my Banking career at the age of 16 through a High School Academic Scholarship program. In April 2009 I left the world of banking to work on my Masters Degree in General Counseling to become an LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor. I look forward to this rewarding challenge, and understand that it will not be an "easy" assignment, however, am inspired by all the people who are involved with the facility and their commitment to the children. I studied for two years of a PhD in Mind, Body, Medicine with a focus of Integrated Mental Health with Saybrook University out of San Fransisco, CA and recently discontinued the educational journey to focus on my private practice and help with my aging 80 year old father.  I am again embarking on the PhD but have changed my program to Counseling Education and Supervision, expected graduation 2022.

When I graduated from high school I attended the University Of Oregon and specialized in the degree of Public Policy Planning Management (land use planning). In 1984 I received a Bachelor of Science Degree and moved to the greater Puget Sound area where I met and married John. I am also an active accounting and computer consultant to a long time family business on the West Coast/Oregon Coast.

I launched the Balloon Business for BLC in 1991, jointly with John. We spent the first three years of our marriage in Bamberg, Germany where my interest in developing relationships directly with balloon manufacturers came to life. I have had a strong passion and interest in the latex balloon industry since my early junior high/high school days. Since the beginning of BLC I have marketed worldwide with overseas manufacturers. I created and have maintained the company internet website for BLC, since 1991, and continue to be the primary webmaster. I also initiate and maintain all contracts entered into and held by BLC.

I held the position as a Board of Director and Treasurer from June 2005 through August 2009 for our local "Habitat for Humanity" organization in Oregon and have served as a Board of Director/Treasurer for a small Old Town Non-Profit Association, Dec 2004 through December 2008. Additionally I have spent time supporting our local Chamber Of Commerce.

I am an Artistic Creative Designer and I work directly with manufacturer(s) with creative and new ideas. This is the most rewarding part of what I do.

BLC, through John and I's continued efforts, is also the sole distributor for the best imported Balloons ~ the Rolls Royce of imported balloons. These balloons are the Gummiwerk line of Figurines and Giant Rounds (the largest in the world) and of various sizes and colors. I am sure any serious balloon fancier will agree that these Balloons are top of the line. They have kept many BLC clients pleased for years.

I would like to invite Retailers in the USA (and overseas) the opportunity to become a distributor for the Gummiwerk Balloons. I will be happy to coordinate the special pricing for State/Country registered businesses.

I would also like to say "Thank You" to our growing list of customers who have provided John and I the best job in the world, which is supplying you, our customer, the best possible balloons available. You might have noticed that we do not cater to all possible balloons . . . this is because some balloons have an inferior quality and we do that for a reason. We only want to carry and offer to our valued customers what we believe are the best balloons in the whole wide world.

Any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or ideas, I am the person to contact. I do request that all email inquires be made from sincere clients with valid email addresses. Thank you!!




John Benard 

John is originally from Chicopee, Massachusetts now residing in Oregon on 10 acres on the Yaquina River. At 17 years old John entered the US ARMY as a Motor Transport Operator stationed in Manheim, Germany with 598th Trans, then transferred to Fort Lewis, Washington with 214th Attack Helicopter Battalion, then with 864th Engineers. Then John was assigned to Bamberg Germany with 2/2 Armored Cavalry / Desert Shield/Desert Storm and returned to civilian live in 1992.

As a civilian John has been a self-employed taxidermist, has done home refurbishing construction work, involved with training three Labradors (Sidd, Tomo and Stu), he enjoys fishing, enjoys Country Living, Hapkido, Weight Training, Planting trees / gardens, and operates this small internet business.

John enjoys the quiet life secluded from society.